Zombie Zombie Zombie

This hack n' slash sidescroller was developed as a casestudy for a gamejam we are doing for Microsoft.

The goal was to provide a series of assets and code that could be extended and reused by the participants.

The project took about a week and to keep it simple I went for a silhouette look greately inspired by the Limbo game.

The idea was to keep a tounge in cheek "no original ideas" approach to the design.

Original concept.

Inspiration images from the moodboards.

A selection of look development sketches.

The first idea was to make everything look like a kids drawings.

Later I settled for a cutout silhouette look since it was faster to produce.

From the sketches I designed a series of interchangeable zombieparts.

The parts was scanned and refined to this spritesheet.

The first head is the hero. I tried to make it look like an older version of the kid from Limbo as a part of the "blatant rip-off" joke.

Final look.

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Note: This version was posted on Halloween so the main character has a pumpkin head..

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