Miniature Cities

Vignettes for the iPad game "Chinese Poker".

Models and animation in Modo, textures in Photoshop, setup and lighting in Unity.

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The world functioned as the main menu.

A third casino site in Shanghai was abandoned, wich is why the asian side of the planet appears a little empty..

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Las Vegas is probably the best known of the sites, and it was very easy to find good photoreference.

After compiling a shortlist of casinos I settled on those that stood out the most visually.

The casinos are clustered together in the middle of the desert, so I tried to get the buildings to appear as crammed together as possible.

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The city of Monte Carlo is larger than the state of Monaco, so I tried to make this site even more crammed together than the Vegas site.

It was fun working to fit a F1 racetrack in there and getting the absurdly big yachts of the marina to appear absurdly big..

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The game is very generous with achievements and awards.

I designed a series of "bling" items that could be won as the player progressed.

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