Beyond Flat Design

While preparing for a project, I stumpled over this article by Steve Clayton, about the new "digitally honest" design philosophy at Microsoft.

The writing style can be a touch corporate at times, but an interesting read nonetheless..

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The Nature of Code

In this book Daniel Shiffman explains how to approach the simulation of natural systems. He has a very easy writing style and explains the principles well even for beginners.

An enjoyable read, with an unique pricing model.

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Creative Applications Network

A great resource of inspiration and news about the creative use of programming and technology.

Articles are well documented and have plenty of links to additional info on projects.

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Creative Mornings

A growing collection of talks about life as a creative person.

With speakers like Simon Sinek on leadership and Mike Monteiro with "F*ck You, Pay Me!", this site has a good mix of philosophy and practicality.

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