Thomas Fenger
Interaction Designer, cand. Arch.

I'm a 3d generalist and interaction designer, with a background in architecture.

I currently work as a Concept Designer and Technical Artist at Unity Studios in Aarhus, Denmark.

On this site I'm posting my work along with random stuff related to interaction design and computer graphics.

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Replicator induced paradolia in MODO..

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Test Floor

A Unity5 demo project..

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Rubik's Cube

An interactive version of an 80's classic..

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Zombie Zombie Zombie

A halloween sidescroller..

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Miniature Cities

Miniature gambling cities for the iPad game "Chinese Poker"..

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Camera Tracking

Experiments with the open source camera tracker, Voodoo..

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The hero vehicle for a game I'm working on..

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Television Sets

A series of old school television sets..

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Pin Art

A fictional ident for Autodesk..

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Bring It

A fictional ident for a popular sportsbrand..

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Uncle Grey

A new logo for Uncle Grey, designed by my good friend, Advertising Art Director, Rune Dueholm..

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Books, articles, talks etc. related to computer graphics, interaction design and creative coding..

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Kinect v2 Rig

A reference 3d rig for the Kinect v2..

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Intersecting Lines

My Processing 2 code for calculating the point of intersection between two lines..

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A trick to make a rendering look hyper-real in post..

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Depth of Field

A trick to simulate depth blur in post..

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A test of the Ivy Generator script by Thomas Luft..

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Analogue 3d "printing"..

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Cleanup of an architecture photo in Photoshop..

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